Our Community

BoomRoom is not just about exercise. We have a strong community made up of individuals from all walks of life, age and fitness levels. Here you can achieve your health goals in an inclusive, ego free environment. And we’re sure you’ll make plenty of friends along the way.

'My primary reasons for going to this gym are for strong mental health, fitness and body toning. I’m not there to become an athlete or body builder. I am there to achieve good health and lifelong wellbeing. I am simply ‘training for life’.

Natalie H, 51 years old

'Training at BoomRoom is so much fun and has been very worthwhile. I’ve made great gains in my fitness levels since starting with the BR team a couple of years ago.'

Richard A, 52 years old

'I’ve been training at BoomRoom for about 3 years now, all the trainers are lovely and accommodating. I couldn’t recommend more. It’s the best way to start off my day.'

Ruby M, 19 years old​

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